A traditional close quarter weapon on Earth, shotguns have been popular in space as well. The working principles has not changed much, except for the addition of stabilizers, which reduce the kinetic energy of the bullets but avoid the shooter to be knocked back too strongly.

Shotguns are harder to use compared to other weapons due to the low range, but in the hands of a good player they can quickly dispatch upgraded opponents.

  82.8 HP/sec (common)
  115.9 HP/sec (rare)
  149.0 HP/sec (epic)
Projectiles Spread: 30 degrees
Projectile Range: 96 units
Projectile Speed: 600 units/sec
Rate of fire: 1.38 shots/sec
Weapon Ammo:8
Pickup Ammo:8
Max Ammo:
 Level 0: 24
 Level 1: 36
 Level 2: 48
 Level 3: 60