<Major H. G> Negative. All researchers dead. Most of my platoon gone too. Only three of us remain alive, one of us seriously hurt, please arrange an extraction ASAP.

<REDACTED> Can you describe the creatures?

<Major H. G> Fucking flying nightmares, with tentacles and a thousand eyes. Our AR-400s do nothing to them. We saw hundreds of containment chambers breached. We can't hold much longer, please confirm extraction.

<REDACTED> When you made contact with the creatures, did you hear voices of people that shouldn't be there?

<Major H. G> What? Listen, you need to come get us right now.

<REDACTED> Major, I need you to focus. Try to remember, did any of your men behave strangely during the mission?

<Major H. G> [Inaudible]

[End of transmission]

- Attached media. Classified Debriefing XH-00239HD26. Magda Station. Marine Corps