Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launchers are heavy weaponry, typically used against vehicles or mechs. While extremely powerful when detonating, rockets travel at a relatively low speed, and can be dodged by agile opponents. Try to predict where a target is moving and aim there.

Direct Hit Damage:
  70 HP/sec (common)
  105 HP/sec (rare)
  150 HP/sec (epic)
Splash Damage:
  50 HP/sec (common)
  85 HP/sec (rare)
  110 HP/sec (epic)
Splash Radius: 64 units
Projectile Range: 192 units
Projectile Speed: 300 units/sec
Rate of fire: 1 shots/sec
Special: if they don't impact, rockets fly the specified distance and explode in the air, causing splash damage to targets in the blast radius.
Weapon Ammo:1
Pickup Ammo:1
Max Ammo:
 Level 0: 3
 Level 1: 4
 Level 2: 6
 Level 3: 7