Plasma Cannon
The plasma cannon is a heavy duty weapon built by the Marine Corps, as a refinmenet of the MARAUDER project from two centuries ago. The gun fires bolts of ionized gas that explode upon hitting a target, releasing a large amount of thermal and mechanical energy along with electromagnetic radiations. Exposed organic tissues vaporize, while electronic cirquit either melt from the heat or burn for the induced electricity. In a recent upgrade, the bolt capsules include a magnetic pulser that allows shots to bounce off metallic surfaces, increasing the chances to hit fleeing targets.

  133.3 HP/sec (common)
  200.0 HP/sec (rare)
  266.6 HP/sec (epic)
Projectile Range: 240 units
Projectile Speed: 300 units/sec
Rate of fire: 6.66 shots/sec
Special: plasma shots can bounce off walls twice
Weapon Ammo:15
Pickup Ammo:10
Max Ammo:
 Level 0: 60
 Level 1: 90
 Level 2: 120
 Level 3: 150