Upon landing on the station, it is advised to gear up by collecting pickups. Walk over a pickup to collect it. If you can't collect it, a message will explain why.

There are three main types of items: cells, ammunition, and weapons.

Cells are simple pickups that replenish your health and shield. They matter especially at the start of the game when regeneration upgrades are not available, or during a fight, where they may help you survive.

Most weapons require ammunition to function. Picking up a weapon gives you a limited amounts of shots. Stocking on ammunition is wise, as you don't want to run out of firepower during a fight.

Finally, the panel on the left allows you to navigate to the individual weapons. Mind that, weapons have a rarity level which is either common, rare, or epic. You want to collect epic weapons to have a better chance of surviving. You will automatically pick up better quality weapons walking over them. Should you die, you will drop all your arsenal.

Health Cell. Replenishes 25 HP.
Shield Cell. Replenishes 25 Shield.
Common Weapon. Drop chance of 60%, low damage output.
Rare Weapon. Drop chance of 24%, medium damage output.
Epic Weapon. Drop chance of 16%, high damage output.