The flamethrower has seen a resurgence only in recent years. As humanity moved to space, fire was banned in most of its form due to considerations about breatable air. The Magda station catastrophe, and the spreading of mutated creep, have turned the table.

This gun releases a stream of napalm and condensed oxigen, allowing it to burn in thin atmospheres such as those found in large asteroids or space stations. The thickened liquid sticks to surfaces and is particularly effective against organic surfaces. Hard surfaces deflect the flames, making it effective in narrow areas.

  93.3 HP/sec (common)
  146.6 HP/sec (rare)
  200.0 HP/sec (epic)
Projectile Range: 160 units
Projectile Speed: 300 units/sec
Rate of fire: 13.33 shots/sec
Special: targets burn for 3 seconds, taking 3 HP/sec extra damage.
Weapon Ammo:40
Pickup Ammo:30
Max Ammo:
 Level 0: 120
 Level 1: 180
 Level 2: 240
 Level 3: 300