Daedalus Station
Daedalus Station, the farthest outpost of mankind, orbiting the moon Io. Once a jewel of engineering, it's been progressively abandoned in the aftermath of the Suncorp controversies, leaving many of its systems in a critical malfunctioning state.

Today, this is a place to avoid. The Marine Corps offers no protection in the whole Jupiter sector. Mercenary contractors have been dispatched to loot the remaining equipment and steal Suncorp proprietary information. Magnetic anomal activities have been detected.

The tactical advise is to pick the landing location carefully. There are still areas of the station where laser doors are functional. These bases can provide protected permiters, and are also more likely to store useful equipment. Open areas at the boundaries of the station may be preferred to avoid early contacts, but are more exposed to magnetic anomalies.

Small Crate. Contains three items, including one weapon.
Large Crate. Contains five items, including two weapons.
Laser Door. It kills selectively. Make sure you have the right credentials before crossing it. Alternatively, locate and disable its power source.
Terminal. Once hacked, it gives access to the systems connected to it. A common instance is the laser door credential database.
Generator. Provides power to nearby systems. It's can't be destroyed, but if you damage it, it will temporarily malfunction.