The xeno-elytra-arantia, informally called creeps, are a species of six legged crawlers discovered in the asteroid belt. Their origin is unknown, but scientist rule out the option they are endemic. Who, or what, has brought them there is unknown.

Creeps are carbon based. The exoskeleton resembles in many ways the one of insects found on Earth, and grants creeps a resistance of 80HP.

The metabolism is based on exposure to direct sun light. A dense liquid produced by glands near the mouth is stored in a large container cavity on the back, protected by a thin but resistant carapace. The dome has a particular refraction index which allows capturing most photons that hit the surface. An organ similar to a heart pulses at variable frequency to convert the captured light into usable energy with surprising efficiency, allowing creeps to run up to 250ups - more than double the speed of humans. The thick exoskeleton and low internal pressure allows creeps to live in space.

Health: 80 HP
Running Speed: 250 units/sec
Attack Rate: 2.5 Hz
Attack Damage: 25 HP/sec